Flora Feeding Bottle, Wide Neck, 330ml

Superior 3x Valve System

Slow Flow Teat Included

330ml Bottle Capacity

75ml Lid Capacity

BPA Free

Baboo’s Flora Wide Neck bottle will be a perfect companion to the parents and to their blooming flowers. Innovative teat design ensures smooth milk flow and mimics natural feeding process, while superior three air valve system prevents extra air ingestion to avoid daunting colic and increase the comfort of the baby. Parents will be happy to know that Baboo’s Wide Neck bottle is not only easy to fill and clean, but the protective cap will also help to avoid accidents when mixing the formula and keep parent’s bags spill free.

Baboo’s medium flow teat is designed with a firm base to make tight hold easy for the baby. The flexibility and softness of the tip imitates breast shape and the satin textured surface replicates mother’s skin. Both these features combined create a natural feeding process that also maintains baby’s nursing skills.

If you are looking for more good news: measuring is simplified, too. 330 ml scale is featured on the bottle, coupled with 75 ml scale on the protective cap to make smaller volume measurement easy.

The functionality is topped up with a playful illustration of flowers and plants: perfect symbol for the new life in your family.

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