Soft Silicone Spoon, Blue

Silicone Teat

Ergonomic Handle

Soft Tip

BPA Free

Baboo’s Ultra Soft Silicone Spoon is an ideal tool to introduce the eating process to your baby and ensure that your little one has a positive perception of it. It is designed to be comfortable for both: the parent and the baby. Long handle and flexibility of the spoon will allow parents to reach the bottom of the deepest jars, while the soft silicone tip provides enjoyable eating experience for the baby.

Baby’s safety is always a priority for Baboo, which is why the ultra soft silicone and round shape of the tip protects baby’s delicate gums from getting hurt and enforces positive feeding experience. We also have to mention that the pure silicone used is premium quality, durable and widely used in medicine. More than that, it has no colour nor smell, which makes it completely safe for your little one.

When the time comes for you to let go of the spoon, as your baby gets eager to eat independently, the innovative form will ensure that the spoon has an easy grasp for the little hand.

Just as the rest of Baboo’s products, Ultra Soft Silicone Spoon is BPA free. Recommended for children from 6 months old.

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