Giraffe Teether, Water Filled

Motor Skills



BPA Free

Teething is often linked together with fussiness, crying and sleepless nights. To help parents and babies reach the milestone of first tooth as painless as possible, Baboo teether with a cooling effect was created.

Baboo water teether soothes and massages irritated gums, relieving your little one from pain and discomfort. For some additional help, place it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes and enjoy the cooling effect, which will also help with itchy and sore baby’s gums.

The ergonomic designed paired with small shape make the teether a perfect fit for the tiny hands. Also, Baboo teether is made from durable, high quality materials and distilled water, which makes it both safe and resistant to bites.

Besides being an ideal tool to sooth teething discomfort, Baboo teether provides additional benefits – the unusual shape and its surface contribute to the development of tactical sensations, fine motor skills, as well as touch. The bright colour also attracts the attention and helps your little one to adapt with new shapes and images.

The Baboo water teether is suitable for children over 4 months. As all Baboo products, the teether is completely safe and BPA free.

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