Thermosensitive Easy Grip Spoon, Pink

Thermosensitive Tip

Ergonomic Handle

Anti Slip Handle

BPA Free

Baboo’s Thermo Sensitive Spoon is a perfect tool to introduce the first solid foods and to help your baby master the skill of self-feeding. Thermo spoon makes this experience safe for the baby, and easy for the parents by changing colour if the food temperature is higher than 37°C. As the guessing of the temperature and fear of burns is eliminated, parents can concentrate on forming baby’s positive perception on eating process.

Baby’s safety is always a priority for Baboo, which is why the materials used are premium quality, durable and have no smell, which makes it completely safe for your little one.

As mentioned above, Thermo Sensitive Spoon will change colour from purple to red when food temperature is over 37°C. But as soon as food cools down to 37°C or lower, it will return to the original purple colour.

Just as the rest of Baboo’s products, Soft Spoon is BPA free. Recommended for children from 4 months.

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