Manual Breast Pump

Gentle Breast Stimulation

Easy Grip Ergonomic Handle

Grading For Easy Measurement

Non Spill Protective Cap

Adapter For Narrow Neck Bottle

Baboo manual breast pump will be a great companion to any breastfeeding mother. It makes the pumping process comfortable, safe and effective. On top of that, due to a minimum number of parts Baboo manual breast pump is easy to assemble, clean and transport. Leaving you time to bond with your little one or get some extra sleep.

Your comfort is always on Baboo’s mind, which is why it is designed with the ergonomic handle. The handle ensures the correct positioning of the hand while pumping and helps to avoid your hand from sliding. The design also protects your back from straining by allowing you to pump in a comfortable position. This will assure that you are relaxed and increase the milk flow.

The soft silicone nozzle is equipped with 5 symmetrically placed vacuum petals. At the time of pumping, they gently massage the breast and improve natural lactation. To keep the dirt away place the protective pad on the nozzle.

As this is a manual pump, it works quietly ensuring that the little one won’t be disturbed when asleep by your side.

The kit includes a wide neck bottle, which comes with protective lid and a wide silicone nipple. The nipple contains three air valves system. Breast pump kit also comes with an adapter that allows you to pump in all Baboo bottles. This helps you to avoid transfusion, preventing the loss of nutrients.

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